January 1, 2009

New Year's Day Musings

New Year's day always finds me in deep contemplation about life, family, the business etc. Like most of you, I'm sure. Today, the Detroit Redwings are playing hockey outside at Wrigley Field with the Chicago Black Hawks, so there is no peace in my home!

I grabbed my coat and called Bailey, the official Herb Shoppe Guard Dog and headed out through the 3 foot deep snow to the cabin where my herbs and my computer await. It's so quiet outside. You can actually hear the snow flakes hitting the ground. My feet make crunching sounds as I wind my way down the path to the cabin. Here, the only sounds are the intermittent sound of the wood pellet stove pushing more pellets down into the oven and Bailey's soft snoring. (Hey, it's not easy being the Herb Shoppe Guard Dog!)

I think over the past year. So many changes. The economy in bad shape. We have a brand new President. Soldiers still fight for our freedoms in a land far away.

I saw a report on the news the other day that the number one goal of those interviewed was to "get healthier". Really? Don't we do that every year? Promise to work out, eat better, go on a diet, etc etc etc. Usually by mid February, most of us have conveniently forgotten those promises and moved back into our old, sometimes destructive routines.

But as I think about it, striving to be healthy and take care of ourselves first really sounds like a good idea if we can truly stick with it. Ask most women what their priorities are and they will tell you, "my husband, my family, my job, my church, my God" in various order. But I would submit to all of you that if YOU are not your number one priority, you're misguided.

Now don't start screaming about selfishness and narcissism. Hear me out. I'd submit to you that if I do not take proper care of my body, my mind and my spirit, do I really have 100% to devote to anyone or anything else?

I know, I know. There's no time. Will there be time when you're sick? Will there be time if you are in the hospital? I recently went through a very short bout with a virus. I don't get sick, so this was very odd for me. My loving husband remarked he had never seen me so sick. Although it only lasted 10 days total, I was useless for almost the entire time.

As I looked back to see where I blew it, I had to admit that my exercise schedule had waned over the holidays, I had given in to the temptation to indulge in culinary delights that were best left on the plate, and had not been diligent about taking my supplements and my tinctures every morning.

I think as we age, our bodies are not as resilient and do not handle such lapses in routine well. Two years ago, my brother-in-law, who is the same age as me, had a major stroke. Jeff is strong and always outside working. Very active. Golfing every chance he gets. I admit his diet left something to be desired, but other than that, he was pretty healthy by all standards. Now he is on all sorts of medications and cannot work for very long without getting tired. He seldom plays golf anymore. He's only 53!

I know that our health is one of the most important things in our lives and if we are not conscious of it, it will get our attention one way or the other. So in this time of resolutions, how about some NON-resolutions for 2009?

I will NOT sleep less than 8 hours a night.
I will NOT put white sugar into my body in any form.
I will NOT hit the snooze button instead of getting up and working out.
I will NOT put my job before my health and well-being.

OK, now you try it! Take baby steps. These changes don't happen all at once, but the basics still work. Pure food and water, daily exercise (foreget this 3 times a week garbage!!), plenty of sleep, time to meditate or pray and loving yourself enough to put your health first!!!

My prayer for everyone reading the blog as well as my faithful customers, is that God will richly bless you this year. That you will enjoy health and happiness. That you will take the time to spend 5 more minutes on the floor with your children. That you will remember to laugh heartily every day and that you will remember to take care of you.

Happy New Year everyone!