September 22, 2009

Catching Up!

Hi Everyone!

So sorry I've been seemingly out of commission for the last three months, but here in the great North, when things start blooming, the harvest has to come quickly before the snow flies!

I have been so busy since the last post, so here's a quick update of what I've been doing.

July was filled with activity. I went to Indianapolis to test for my Certified Natural Health Professional. It was an eight day intensive filled with seminars and exams. All went well and I learned so much. I think I could go to school forever and be perfectly content! CNHP is affiliated with Trinity College where I got my degrees. If anyone is looking for an online course that is very well balanced, I cannot recommend them highly enough. Here is a link to their

I got home the end of the month and much to my delight, the St. John's Wort was blooming all over the place! Normally, SJW blooms on June 22, but up here in the UP, we are about a month behind the rest of the country. I went out and started gathering the beautiful golden blossoms for tinctures and infused oils. Folks along the roads just ignore me. They are used to seeing me walking along the road with a gallon jar in my hand filled with all sorts of botanicals!

August brought the Farmers' Market and weekend commitments. This is my first year doing the local market and it has been very profitable for me. They tell me we will be going until December 3'rd, but I'm not sure how, since the snow will fly starting in October! Stay tuned for pictures of me selling my wares in the snow!!

The season was very cool this year, with not much rain and temps at night were already starting to dip back into the 40's. My loving husband, Michael made sure all the critter cages that go over the veggie boxes had plastic on them so we could keep the tomatoes warm at night.

September got here so quickly I almost missed it! Pineapple sage was blooming as was the lavender, so I was busy making lavender wands for market and Pineapple sage jelly. I have a few jars of this left, so if you'd like to try some, they are $4.00 for a 4 oz. jar. I don't list them on the website, but with any order, just put in the comments, PINEAPPLE JELLY and I'll add a jar to your order. This is a special for those who read the blog only!

Yesterday I made a batch of peach butter using the red haven peaches that grow down state. It turned out wonderfully!

So that brings you up to date with my doings for the summer. As my favorite season comes into beautiful fullness, I'll be writing about the antics of the wildlife, suggestions for the sniffles and colds that are probably plaguing your children and recipes for some wonderful cool weather treats.

Check out the
for all things herbal to keep your family safe and healthy during the coming months as we prepare up here on God's Holy Mountain for the long winter sleep.

Until next time, Be Blessed and Be WELL!

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Anonymous said...

I just came across your blog and was wondering if you could answer some questions for me. I am currently a nurse, but have been searching online for a school to become a herbalist. You seem to really like Trinity. Would it be a good choice for me, being I am really really new at this, but have always been into natural and herbs. I hate to take your time..I will add you on my blog because I'm sure to learn alot from you. :) Thank you!